Puppies 2008

All puppies have his owners

Litter „N“ Donnevara: 3 males + 4 females, *3.6.2008

Very perspective litter. Both parents (Genny and Dragon) and all grandparents (Iwanga Simargl, Basko, Apolena, Banshee Boy) have negative results of HD, they are multiple champions and owners of titles „Club winner“.

 Nero  Naomi Elisson 
 Nico  Nataly Cheryl 
 Noriego Andres  Nessy 

M: Genny Lee Donnevara - short haired, HD 0/0
Champion CZ, SK, Juniorchampion CZ, SK, Club champion, Winner of Central and Eastern Europe 2004, Club winner 2005, National winner 2003, 2005, 7× BOB, 2× CACIB, 3× Res CACIB, 17× CAC, CACA, 4× Res CAC, Res CACA, 8× CAJC, MISS CZ 2003, Best young 2002.

Examinations: ZOP, ZPU 1.

F: Dragon la Blankpapilio - long haired, HD 0/0, ED 0/0, MDR +/+, DNA. Champion CZ, SK, PL, Club champion CZ, SK, Juniorchampion CZ, SK, 4× National winner, Winner of Poland, Club winner 2007 + BOB + BIS, Winner of Special show 2008, Best young of Special show 2007, 6× BOB, 11× CAC, 5× CWC, 4× Res CAC, 6× CAJC.

Examinations: ZOP, ZZO.

Dragon Genny

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Litter „M“Donnevara: 1 male + 3 females, *29.5.2008

All puppies have his owners

 Montego  Megane 
 -  Monagold 
 -  Montiana 

M: Kelly Nice Donnevara - short haired, HD 1/1 Club winner 2006 + BOB + BIS, 4× CAC, 2× Res CAC, Excellent - Cup of Nations 2007, Best young 2005.

F: Fido Tricksy of Kim´s dream - short haired, HD 0/0 Champion CZ, Club champion, National winner 2007, Winner of Specila show 2005, BOB, CACIB, Res CACIB, 6× CAC, 2× Res CAC.

Examinations: ZOP, ZZO.

Kelly Tricksy

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