About the breed:



Middle sized, strong, well-built white shepherd dog with short or long hair. Rectangular body, elegant and balanced. Fine head with upright ears, dark eyes and intelligent expression. Black muzzle, lips and eye-lids. Height: males - 60...67cm, females - 55...62cm, weight: males 30...40kg, females 25...35kg.



White shepherd is lively, alert and watchful. They are usually reserved towards strangers. They are very loyal to their family and love children. Hard working, obedient, he learns new things with lightness and pleasure. He dislikes hard treatment. No problems with other dogs or animals.


Ideal family dog, pleasant companion and children’s friend. Suitable both for sport and service dog training. Excellent in canistherapy, as a seeing-eye dog or assistant for people with various disorders. Superb watchdog. Can also be used as a rescue dog or in various of dog sports - canicross, bikejöring, agility, sheep herding, dogdancing, possible as sled dog.

Christine Sweety Donnevara Fergie Donnevara Izaura Michele Donnevara